Papa Kola & The Ubiquitous Family
Papa Kola & The Ubiquitous Family

Papa Kola &
The Ubiquitous Family

The Freakeasy - Montreal En Lumière

Enjoy the vibe of this highly electrifying electro-circus-freak-show-funk-power-party from Papa Kola & The Ubiquitous Family feat. MC Paclow, John ''The Sax'' Juster and Shella-Ann ''The Mermaid''

About Us

Our Story

Djiing was not enough! 

Papa Kola want to share the real extatic feeling of live show combining pure electronic dance music with outstanding soloist performances. Together, they make the party go wild! 

Well established in the entertainment industry, they were invited to perform at major events like Piknic Electronik, C2, Just For Laugh, Montreal en Lumière, to name just a few.

'' Papa Kola & The Ubiquitous Family will bring you into an infectious dance session that will have you completely letting go! ''

What Inspires Us

What drives us is to share the magic of house music and make people feel good! Our true pleasure is to make dancers go crazy in a fancy tropical party vibe that feels like Kool & the Gang meets Pink Floyd.

Our Influences

Palm trees, smiling peoples and virgin martinis!

Last Papa Kola set

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Papa Kola & The Ubiquitous Family at La Papaya Playa, Mexico

Power tropical beach party vibe in Tulum featuring Rodrigo Martinez on live drums!

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Papa Kola & The Ubiquitous Family

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